Equipment and Capabilities

With the most up to date technology, A.B.E. Manufacturing and Fabrication can meet the highest quality standards.

Trumpf TruLaser 4030


With our state of the art laser cutting equipment, A.B.E. Manufacturing and Fabrication is better equipped to handle your needs than any of our competitors. Not only are our equipment tested to be more efficient and faster, but also proven to be safer and more reliable for our employees.

Press Brakes

A.B.E. Manufacturing and Fabrication is proud to offer a wide range of custom press braking services for heavy, large, small, and offshore components for any design. Our facility holds over 10 press brakes each equipped with the latest technology and maintained to pristine condition.


Our press brakes are capable of bending, folding, punching, PEM insertion, and up-bending for virtually any type of application that requires a press brake. We can handle prototypes through high-volume production runs, and are ISO, Mil-Spec, and RoHS certified. We assure and strive for perfection each and every time.

Automated Paint Line

Our A.B.E. Manfucturing and Fabrication facility holds an automated paintline equipped with sandblasting and silkscreening services. Silkscreening printing can be used on all types of metal brackets, panels, plates, and more. Our powder coating services offer custom and highly wear resistant paint that can be used for any application.